Apple iOS 7 : September 18, 2013


September 18, 2013 — is when iOS 7 will be publicly released.

Its been moths now since Apple officially announced it at WWDC 2013. I was one of those peeps that are lucky enough to install it without the need of paying for the $99 annual developers license a few hours after the conference.

IMG_0296 (Copy)

iOS 7 is a radical change since iOS 6 version and lower. Although , there are a couple hiccups I’ve encountered since Beta 1, such as, phone sluggishness, crash, hangs, and restarts, during or even while I’m not doing anything, media player does not skip songs using the ear phone controls, some apps are not working properly (e.g., Skype), or just crashes (e.g., Google+), and the notification bar getting stuck on landscape mode.

However the latest release labeled as GM or “Gold Master”, which is the last one before the official public release this coming Wednesday, seems pretty stable, snappy, and the power consumption has improved significantly.

All in all, I pretty much like it, and already getting used to it. Heck, I will not even dare go back to the old iOS6 ;)

The beginning

“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make and end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”